Who lives in Brookland, DC?

We’ve been living in a neighborhood called Brookland in northeastern DC for more than a year now. I wanted to better understand who lives here. It’s tempting to make guesses based on what you see around you – but I decided to dig through US census data to get the facts. [Note: The data looks at Zip Code 20017, which doesn’t perfectly match Brookland. See the boundaries of 20017 here.]


Design a mac icon

One of the benefits of living in DC is access to excellent museums. The American History museum has an wing dedicated to American innovation – including a clever display that allows you to design an icon for the original Mac Classic (on which I got my own graphic design start at age 5). Here’s my homage to Ayn Rand, whom I had seen depicted in a nearby exhibit.

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Bucket list item: “Conservative Heart” book cover

I’m always on the lookout for great book covers and have long wished to design one myself. This week, I can check off this bucket list item: AEI President Arthur Brooks launched “The Conservative Heart.”  Watch an interview here. Read about it here.


Some rejected designs:


Deflating deflategate

My latest for AEI:


Yemen Battle Map

My first battle map. Download the PDF here.


Which path will Russia take through 2018?

Which path will Russia take through 2018?


Watch my short documentary: “Flanagan”

From TheRebel.media: “Flanagan is a film about Dr. Tom Flanagan, the professor, pundit and political activist who one day stopped discussing controversies, and became the centre of one himself. Whether you think Flanagan made an innocent slip of the tongue and was hung out to dry, or you think he is an appalling man who made his own mess and refuses to take responsibility for it, Ballou’s treatment will interest you, and anyone curious about crisis communications.”


Full doc (15 mins):