Beautiful Infographics

A bunch of amazing infographics. My favourites are: “15. Where are all the fish”, “19. Browser Wars”, and “26. What’s in your mail.” What these have in common is simplicity. Very complex infographics can be impenetrable, which defeats the purpose of visual comms. Incorporating enough information – but not too much – is the challenge.

Plus: Infographics about the financial crisis.

Picture 12

Picture 11


One response to “Beautiful Infographics

  1. I like how Netscape 4 outlived Netscape 5.

    I’m not sure if the artist was trying to position the browser’s logos so they would seem like the knights were using them as shields, but it would have been neat to have the logos mapped onto classic shaped shield.

    Also a lot has changed since 2008. Chrome and IE8 are out and already have a good chunk of the market. Safari has gained a bit since the beginning of 2008 and Mozilla (the browser) is pretty much excluded from statistics now and could be considered dead.

    Thanks for sharing the link to these infographics Olivier. I particularly like the Browser Wars as you might have guessed.

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