Design Nostalgia

I was in my hometown of Val-d’Or, Quebec over the long weekend. I came across three designs I made when I was 15 years old:

I didn’t have a business, so I listed hobbies instead. It was the first time I used Adobe Illustrator (“Notice the cleaness (sic) of the lines!”). I didn’t actually have the title “esquire”, nor my own e-mail address for that matter.

For my updated card, I decided to narrow down my occupation. For the image, I took a photo of a light bulb I covered with transistors, and used a Photoshop filter. The “Mistral” font is a bit embarrassing.

Finally, here was my winning entry for my school’s logo contest. I remember that all the others competitors had made traditional crests. It’s still in use, though I don’t take credit for the font.


One response to “Design Nostalgia

  1. Bradley Doucet

    Hey Olivier,

    Love the school logo! No wonder you won!



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