Conservative Comms

I attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), and wanted to share some examples of visual communications I saw. Looking through my tote bag, I’m struck by how eclectic the group was, as well as the reliance on traditional American symbols. (Note: Though I consider myself centre-right, I don’t condone all the views below).

CPAC booklet title page – You can’t go wrong with the Stars and Stripes.

Free State Project – Encourages a mass-migration of libertarians to New Hampshire to influence politics there. Porcupine symbolizes resistance to government interventionism.

Original flag design from the time of American Revolution.

“Gitmo Saves Lives” – The iconic orange jumpsuits, made famous by critical media coverage of the Guantanamo Bay prison, now used to support it.

GO PROUD – Gay conservative group

Pro-life group

Libertarian group

Infographic shows the portion of each item’s price that goes to tax.

A play on Obama’s logo

You can read “LOVE” when you flip the word “revolution” around.

More classic symbols

Play on American Constitution.

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