Defence Designs

I had to chance to visit Canada’s biggest defence and security trade show. I was interested by how companies in this field used visuals. (Disclosure: some of the companies below are H&K clients).

The “soldier in action” visual is popular.

A minimalistic approach.

Lots of 3D animations. The soldier is getting ready to fire his rocket launcher.

Looking at the big picture, rather than showcasing the product.

Lots of “connectivity” imagery.

An appeal to the heart.

The design itself recalls a protective carapace.

Show, don’t tell! (Blast-proof panels)


I used to assemble miniatures as a boy.

Recalls a page out a magazine from the 1950s.

If Apple was a defence company.

Lots of “stencil” fonts.

You can tell it’s a European company just from the layout!


One response to “Defence Designs

  1. I’ve always been amazed by the degree of unintentional standardization in defence industry visual identities. Very little differentiating.

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