While reading Fearful Symmetry by Brian Lee Crowley, head of the Macdonald Laurier Institute, I came across a paragraph about Quebec and the extent to which it subsidizes its businesses. I began thinking about how to represent the information visually. I ended up spending hours figuring out what to include and how to present it.

  1. Should I exclude subsidies to Quebec’s daycare care program, as suggested by my friend Vincent Geloso?
  2. Should compare subsidies to GDP, or some other measure, such as the number of private sector employees in each province?
  3. Should I include more provinces, which would make the graphic more complete, or fewer, which would make the information easier to interpret?
  4. Even though I like the circles used by infographics guru David McCandless, they weren’t clear to people I showed it to. Should I use bars? Or pie charts?

The end result was surprisingly spare:

With circles:


3 responses to “Infographic

  1. Bradley Doucet

    Worth a thousand words…

  2. Adrienne Beaudry

    The second one is the best!

  3. lou riccoboni

    I love pictographs. Simple, clean and says it all. Well done!

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