Communist Communications

Last weekend, I was in Moscow and toured the VDNKh park — a collection of Soviet-era pavilions that once showcased the various economic achievements of the USSR. In the 1990s, the park fell into disrepair. However, they’ve since spruced it up, adding carnival attractions, food stands and rollerblade rentals. The pavilions are still impressive, with their Greco-Roman architecture and ornamentation.

(Note the lamps designed like shafts of wheat)

As a designer, I like to consider the work of my counterparts. So, I  pictured an office in 1950s Moscow:

-Hi Sergey. Have a seat. Cigarette? I wanted to tell you that I’m assigning you to the meat pavilion project.

-What?! Why do I always get the dull projects? I was supposed to do the aviation pavilion with Alexey! By the way, where’s Alexey? I haven’t seen him all week.

-Hum. I was meaning to tell you that Alexey won’t be with us any longer. Turns out he was (ahem) a counter-revolutionary saboteur.

– (Silence)

– (Whistles) Anyhow, Nikolay’s now in charge of aviation, and you get meat. I want to see some concepts by next week.

Visual communicators are often forced to take a seemingly boring subject and make it compelling. What would you do if you were Sergey?

Here’s the result:

(“Meat Industry”)


2 responses to “Communist Communications

  1. This is great, Olivier. I get a feeling for how crazy that time really was.

  2. I agree… it must have been so messed up.

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