Computer Art Futurology

As I was browsing through a used book store in St. Petersburg, I found a British book on modern art published in 1976. The following passage amazed me:

There is, however, the chance that interest in computers will eventually extend the capabilities of the visual artist (…) [The computer] can be made to present as many different alternatives as the user desires, and analyses of the finished product can be stored for future use.

As a labour-saving tool, the computer opens up a vastly broader range of chance operations, simply because it works both more surely and more rapidly than the artist can hope to do himself.

In this sense, the computer can be said to extend the idea of freedom (…) But its full potentialities are unlikely to be realized until the operator can treat it as being as much an extension of his own mind as Pollock treated paint and canvas, rags and brushes as extensions of his own body.

-Late Modern – The Visual Arts since 1945, by Edward Lucie-Smith

Yes, computers certainly have become wonderful tools. I was inspired, and did a portrait of Adrienne in Adobe Illustrator:


One response to “Computer Art Futurology

  1. Good choice of subject.

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