Oil Derrick Gift Wrap For Sale

Order your own gift wrap!






One response to “Oil Derrick Gift Wrap For Sale

  1. Hello Mr. Ballou,

    After seeing you on the news about your artwork for oil and gas I went to your website to purchase some of your wrapping paper. Unfortunately after several attempts at trying to buy your art, I gave up.
    I was redirected to sunflower.com. There I created an account, user name and password but it would not let me login, it taking me back to their login page. After several attempts I tried to change my password through sunflower, and they sent me a new password. I was still unable to get past their login page using their password. I’ve contacted sunflower several times with no answer.

    You’re probably losing a lot of sales through them.

    Is there anywhere else I can purchase your oil rig wrapping paper? This is for my wife she works for Conoco Phillips. They love stuff like this!

    Best Regards,

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